Villa Crocetta

Branding, Web Design

Branding and Web Design project for a restaurant located on the hills between Cesena and Rimini, Italy

A work of visual art that represents the soul of the restaurant

This logo is represented by a stylized hill that captures the essence of the place and the harmony between nature and gastronomy.

The name of the restaurant is elegantly positioned as an arch, recalling the distinctive architecture of the place and giving a sense of prestige and originality.

Burgundy is the predominant color: it adds a touch of warmth and refinement to the logo. It is also associated with luxury and elegance, reflecting the attention to detail and quality that characterizes the restaurant.

An attractive Graphic Design to increase appetite

The brand identity stands out for its minimalist design, which is also used in menus, for an extraordinary visual impact that stimulates the taste buds.

A modern and minimalistic
Web Design

For this Web Design project I followed the principles of modern and minimalist design to offer to users a pleasant visual experience and easy navigation.

The intuitive interface makes it easy for visitors to discover information, explore the menu, book a table and immerse themselves in the beauty of the place.

The design highlights striking images and important details, providing an elegant presentation of the location.

The clean layout, use of space and attention to detail create a refined and contemporary atmosphere.

An outstanding Shooting to convey the essence of the restaurant

I personally supervised a professional shooting to capture extraordinary images that convey the essence of the restaurant: I worked closely with a team of photographers and stylists to create a visual environment that captured the elegance, hospitality and delicious dining experience offered by the restaurant.

These authentic and engaging images are a powerful tool to communicate the culinary proposal, attract new customers and create an emotional connection with the public.